Chapter Four

Upon retirement from the City of Columbus, Division of Fire I am beginning what I call Chapter Four of my life. Since I am not sure what the next 20 years will bring, that will be the title for now. Upon my retirement, I have renewed my interest in photography and started a technology consulting business - C. W. Legg Consulting, LLC.


I also became involved in politics for a while, running in an election for a council seat on the Village of Minerva Park's Council. I lost the election, but filled out an appointed position of two years a few months later. When election time came around, I decided not to run again. Maybe politics is in my future, but for now I am happy being a private citizen. 


I am attempting to find my next niche; I know it is out there, just need to open the right door. I saw a sign recently that read:


Sign that reads somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer

So you know what I have to offer, if interested, send me an email at





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